For Government funded sessions for 3 and 4 yr. old children, parents can register their children from the age of two years by coming to the centre or telephoning at any time.

2. Documentation and information required to register for a place

i. Registration Data. Children registered, in date of birth order, to include the following details:

• Name of child
• Gender
• Date of registration
• Date of birth
• Address
• Name of parents/carers and those with parental responsibility
• Telephone number
• Email address
• Sessions required including any fee paying extended hours
• Consideration for priority admission; (letter filed separately)

ii Children known to the authority as having Special Educational Needs will have been made known to the school by the relevant professionals before date of registration, and these details are to be kept with the priority list.

3. Admissions Criteria for government funded sessions

Children will be admitted the term after their third birthday; this will usually be at the beginning of a term.

a. Children currently attending the setting

b. Child’s home address is within catchment, living north of the Thames and within the County boundary.

c. Priority children will be agreed by the priority admissions panel that meets as necessary.

d. Other reasons – these should be stated

4. Admission Information

i. Places are either every morning or every afternoon, or a 2 ½ day place Mon–Wed am or Wed pm-Fri.

ii. Minimum period of attendance is two terms, unless as a transfer from another L.A. nursery or according to a specific need. The maximum period of attendance is 6 terms.

iii. Late applications are registered in date of birth order.

iv. Children transferring from another L.A. nursery school or class are treated as priorities.

v. Children with same date of birth admitted in date of registration order, unless they are multiple births.

vi. Basic registration details may be shared with other nursery schools or classes in the area.

vii. To assess any priority admission the Governors panel will meet as necessary. All priority cases will be supported by a letter from an appropriate professional, such as a doctor or speech therapist, and the Headteacher may request further information in order that the case be considered fairly at the meeting. Priority places can be allocated to children on educational, medical or social grounds. The Governors panel will consider requests for priority admission to both part and full time places. Further consideration will be given to those described as having Special Needs as defined by the 1981 Education Act. Children living outside the catchment area may be considered for priority admission.

5. Procedures in allocation of places

a) All children are offered places on a strict date of birth order unless they are a priority admission.

b) Priority Admissions Panel determines priority admissions.

c) Nursery offers remainder of vacant places in date of birth order.

d) In the case of over subscription, children may have to wait an extra term for a place, unless a vacancy occurs during the term.

6. Procedure for Reviews of Admission Decisions

No provision exists for any automatic right of appeal to a statutory school admission appeal committee established under the 1980 Education Act. Parents who wish children to receive nursery education have a right to an explanation where an application has been unsuccessful. Most queries will be satisfied by means of an informal discussion with the Headteacher or a written explanation on behalf of the Nursery Admissions Panel. Where formal consideration of an unsuccessful application is requested by parents, a Review Panel does not have the same powers as a statutory school admission appeal committee. Parents are to be advised when requesting a formal review that the function of the Review Panel is to ensure that admissions procedures have been correctly applied.

7. Holding Places Open
Every effort will be made to contact families who have not attended for some time. Funded places will be held open for four weeks, for un-notified absences, and for half a term for notified absences except in exceptional circumstances such as extended hospitalisation. Children returning after this period will then take their place on the waiting list.

Extended Services

1. Registration

A waiting list application can be completed for a child or expectant child with us at any time after a viewing of the setting.

2. Allocation of places

When a space becomes vacant in any room children will be offered places in date of registration order together with the requested start date.

3. Documentation required prior to a child starting

• Birth certificate
• Permission forms completed
• Child information and medical information
• Parents names and contact details
• Emergency contacts
• Other relevant Agencies working with the family
• Signed offer letter agreement
• Letter from G.P. for any allergies or intolerances (We can make appropriate arrangements with the catering company).

4. Admission Information

• In general for continuity and smooth transitions we offer a minimum of three sessions unless the child has been accessing another part of the centre for other activities regularly or in special circumstances (which will need to go to the admissions panel) , in which case we can offer a minimum of two sessions per week.

• Once a place is offered parents are requested to read the parent carer handbook, sign the offer letter and return it to the centre with the agreed deposit (which is one weeks of fees)

• Once the offer letter and deposit have been received parents are offered a home visit

To be reviewed: April 2017