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Animals in the School

Animals in the School Policy



Caversham Nursery School recognises the value of having pets in the setting to allow the children to have the experience and the opportunity to nurture and care for an animal. It enables them to learn about life cycles and encourages them to understand the needs of other living creatures.


The choice of the pet should be appropriate to the setting. Pets should only be brought from a registered breeder or a pet shop.

The procedure for handling the pet at the Nursery:

  • Washing hands before and after handling the pet and their habitat.
  • The pet habitat should be cleaned regularly.
  • There should be separate cleaning implements for the pet like brushes, clothes and dust pan and brush.
  • Children and adult must not kiss the pet.
  • Pets should not be allowed in the food preparation area.
  • Fish tanks are to be kept on a deep shelf so they can be observed by the children and staff safely.
  • The pet should visit the vet as required.
  • The staff should promote a positive attitude to the pet. A staff member who is nervous or anxious about the pet should not be asked to take care of it as this will be obvious to the children.
  • Adequate arrangements should be made when the Setting is closed.
  • If the animal is sick it should be removed from the setting until it is better or has been seen by the vet to avoid infecting the children if it is contagious.
  • When a pet dies we will be open and honest with the children remembering to be sensitive about their feelings and allow them to ask questions. Books might be able to help with this time.
  • Always keep relevant references books for the children to look at and help staff care for the pet.
  • Children are allowed to clean the cages but not to touch the faeces or urine of the pet.

To be reviewed January 2021