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Charging and Remissions




The Governing Body recognises the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities can make towards the children’s personal and social development. e.g. cooking, short walking trips to the park or shops, special visitors, hatching eggs, butterflies, the farm, many of which incur a cost to the nursery. The Governing Body aims to promote and provide such activities as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for the children.


Charging Policy

Any charges made by the school must meet the requirements of the Education Reform Act 1996. The governors endorse the guiding principles contained in the Act, in particular that no child should have his/her access to the curriculum limited by charges.



Charges will not be made for any activities which form part of the foundation stage curriculum requirements. No charge can be made for education and care during a child’s 15 hour entitlement.

The Governing Body reserves the right to make a charge in the following circumstances.

  • Voluntary Contributions – the Governing Body may ask parents for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of any activity that takes place during school hours. Parents are under no obligation to make any contribution and the children of parents who are unable or unwilling to contribute will not be discriminated against. In the event of insufficient voluntary contributions being made some activities may have to be cancelled.
  • Extra sessions, breakfast, lunch, and tea clubs –These sessions are over and above the 15 hour free entitlement and therefore carry a cost. In the event of non payment of these fees the school reserves the right to stop extra sessions, breakfast, lunch or tea sessions and will require full payment before sessions can resume. General The Governing Body reserve the right to revise the Charging and Remissions Policy as necessary but this will be reviewed at least every three years.Remissions Policy
  • Where the parents of a child are unable to meet any one of the charges for additional activities the school may make they can apply in confidence to the head teacher for the remission of charges in part or full. The head teacher in consultation with the finance committee will make authorisation of remission if deemed appropriate.
  • The Governing Body may, from time to time, amend the categories for which a charge may be made.