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Child Collection Policy

 Child Collection Policy



To ensure that all children are collected by an appropriate person at the end of their booked session in line with our insurance policy.

Anyone collecting a child must be over the age of sixteen. We must have prior agreement from the child’s parents/guardians if they wish for someone different to collect their child. Authorisation can be given on the admission forms for collection without on the day confirmation from parent/ guardian. Should a parent/guardian wish someone different to collect their child as a one off occasion we require an email or telephone call prior to the child being collected. The person collecting would need to have the password. If we have not met this person before we will request photographic ID.

Children must be collected from the setting by the appointed time each day. If any child is not collected by this time and we have not heard from their parents/guardians we will call all the emergency numbers listed on the admission form. If we still receive no contact from the parent/guardian of the child by 30 minutes after the appointed collection time we have an obligation to inform Social Care.

Late collection fees

If children are late being collected a charge will be made and added to the next invoice. You will be asked to sign a form to agree that you were late collecting your child. Charges for late collections are as follows:

Up to 5 minutes        –           £5

Up to 15 minutes      –           £15

Up to 30 minutes      –           £40

Over 30 minutes       –           £75

Any updated changes to the details and prices for the late collection fees can be found in the parent/carer handbook.

To be reviewed January 2021