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EYPP & Deprivation Payments

Setting name Caversham Nursery school
Term Autumn 2018

Last term the EYPP payment was spent on the following to support and improve the outcomes of children from disadvantaged families

Number of EYPP children 10
Amount received £1950.00


Barriers to learning

(what is stopping your children make progress)

What do you want to achieve by using the grant What activity or resource have you purchased to help you achieve this Cost Benefit

What has happened as a result of your spending

Personal, social and emotional development Increase children’s confidence and ability to perform tasks on their own Additional Nurture Assistants £1350.00
Finance to pay for breakfast and lunch for two children Improved attendance and provision of a nutritious meal to help them thrive Provide breakfast and/or lunch  £500.00 Children’s attendance has improved and are making progress in their learning and development
Safeguarding Extra Sessions  £100 Child was supported and safe