Advisors visit to Angels Paradise Academy Nursery in Pune India February 2016

By Jean Read and Lisa Bedlow

A Nursery parent approached us a year ago asking if she could spend some time doing observations in both Caversham and New Bridge Nurseries. She was in the process of setting up a new Nursery in India and is very keen for it to have the feel of a British Nursery – learning through experiental play.

After a number of meetings and discussions we were asked if we would go and do some training with staff, children and parents in India. It felt like an offer we couldn’t refuse! Our Governors were fully supportive of us making the trip in February half term, knowing that we too would be learning a lot about Indian culture.

On arrival at Mumbai airport, it was everything we were told it would be – hot, busy and noisy!

We spent time promoting the Nursery in the local shopping arcade, we worked alongside staff in the classroom introducing messy tactile play and talking about child development. We also met parents and ran some parent workshops. The thing that we found most interesting was that the parents in India share the same concerns as British parents over eating, sleeping, behaviour and learning.

We not only enjoyed spending time at the new Nursery but also got to visit an orphanage, a temple and some other areas of interest. We found the Indian culture to be highly hospitable and discovered that they love to feed any visitors!

It was a very rewarding experience. Lisa is making a follow up trip in July 2016.